Taylor Swift with Wine and Friends in Hands on Thanksgiving!


Hope you have been having a nice and quiet Thanksgiving with your family. The celebs of Hollywood are not far different than you in this regard. Thanksgiving is always a great occasion to catch up with friends or family. That is why we have modern Friendsgiving. With stars like Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox posing for the holidays.

Others like Kaley Cuoco shipped off in the tropics. One star who certainly did not have a “quite” Thanksgiving dinner was Taylor Swift. The singer was caught on camera in London recently. But Instagram shows a trail of photos of her sharing the thankful nights with several of her friends before going across the Atlantic.

Which friends were there with Taylor Swift?

Long time friend with Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid‘s recent Instagram story has got thousands of views. In the picture, fans could spot Swift posing with a number of her friends and sipping wine. Fans were quick to point out Martha Hunt, Antoni Porowski, and others who appeared for the picture.

It suggested an excellent festive mood. Fans of the singer could spot the subtle humor in Swift posing with wine in hand. Earlier this year, Twitter exploded #, DrunkTaylor. With a video loop of the singer goings nuts after sipping “two and a half mojitos” by her admission.

Martha Hunt also was not left far behind from the celebrations. She reposted one of Hadid’s pic in front of Swift’s car and added, “Love and miss y’all already.” This is a lovely way for the trio to show their friendship and admiration for each other. Friendsgiving has become a staple of the season for Taylor Swift, where you can catch most of her close friends and other celebs in town.

Why was Taylor Swift in London?

There is no point in guessing why she was in London. The Grammy-winning singer (three times, mind you) has been in a cordial relationship with Joe Alwyn for the past several years. Naturally, she chose to share the blessings of the season with her boyfriend in London.

Not many knew about her rendezvous other than her closest ally. She was never caught on camera until she landed in the UK. That might be because of her choosing to fly into the country in a private plane from a private airfield.

The singer has not bless much with a nurturing relationship in the past. And when interviewed by The Guardian, she explained about avoiding to make her private life public anymore. The duo has been discreet about their relationship. This is one reason; no few knew about her as she flew into London to spend the weekend with Alwyn.

Taylor Swift had expressed her desire to keep her life “manageable.” And this secrecy is all due to that fact. But certainly, she has not changed much in sharing a light moment with her friends. With another album from the singer expected next year, it must have been a relaxing holiday for her.

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