Altered Carbon Season 2 – Intresting [CAST], Latest Updates, Controversial Series, You Should Go Deep In This Season


Altered Carbon was a unique concept when it comes to its story-line. The Netflix series is set in the 23rd century giving its way to a digitized world. If you are wondering what possibly new concept they might bring, then let me let you, the series involves transferable of souls also. Seems weird. Right? But believe me, this series is one of the most loved ones.

When to expect?

Now the shooting of the second season of the series has already begun in early 2019. The shooting will take place in Vancouver. The shooting lasted for about four months, and reportedly it has been finished. So, this means we might expect the series in early 2020. The second season consists of only eight episodes, which means it can drop in early, too. 

Director and Writer

Alison Schapker and Kalogridis will be shown running the upcoming series. Alison is also the executive producer of the season. All we know, yet, is that Alison Schapker and Elizabeth Padden wrote the episode “Broken Angles.” And another episode, “Busy me dead,” is written by Adam Lash and Cori Uchida.


Chris Conner

Chris Conner will be coming back as Poe in the following season of Altered Carbon. Conner and Goldsberry, both, were much loved in the first season. So, bringing them back is no surprise.

Renée Elise Goldsberry

Just like Chris Conner, Goldsberry is also reported to come back to the second season of the series. She will reprise her role as Quellcrist Falconer.

Simone Missick

Joining the new cast will be Simone Missick. You might remember him from Netflix’s Marvel Universe as Detective Misty Knight.

Dina Shihabi

Dina Shihabi is also one of the new cast. She is the Daredevil from Marvel and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.

Torben Liebrecht

We have a German actor and director, joining the new cast. Torben will be playing the role of Colonel Ivan Carrera. 

James Saito

James plated an iconic villain in one 1990 movie. He will be Tanaseda Hideki in this season.

Trieu Tran

Trieu Tran will be portrayed as Mister Leung. He is the killer and fixer of a mysterious employer.

We are sure to expect the second season in early 2020. Somewhat like a trailer has been released by Netflix. Go and check that out to know more about the casts. 

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