“Eminem Responds To Nick Canon Diss Track “”The Invitation””.”


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Eminem recently responded to Nick Cannon’s diss track, which had implied that a sex tape exists that shows Eminem in a compromising position with another man. Nick released this diss track on Monday, which was titled The Invitation. This track came out in response to Eminem calling out Nick’s ex-wife Popstar Mariah Carey is one of the verses of the new track “Lord Above.”

Eminem, in his rap, called Nick being whipped and neutered among other insults. And even mentioned his name as well as Mariah’s name. Nick, on T.I.’s podcast, said that he responded to Eminem’s abuse to show to his ex-wife that he is a man.

Nick stated that he had called the managers and told them that he needs to show his wife that he was a man. His words were: ” I know I am not gonna be able to out rap you, but I will whoop your a**.”

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The invitation has an intro from the imprisoned death row records founder Suge Knight calling out to Eminem before Nick raps. The rap talks about a video where Eminem has been recorded in a compromising position with a man and calls him a coward as he paid his chauffeur off to not talk about the video.

Eminem responded to the diss track on Monday night. 47 year old demanded an apology from Nick. He tweeted: “U mad bro? Stop lying on my d**k. I never even had a chauffeur, you bougie f**k.” He later added that he demands an apology from Nicholas.

This fight started from the ongoing beef between Mariah and Eminem that began in 2009 when she released Obsessed, which was about a man who claims to be in a relationship with her. The music video that accompanied featured a singer who was dressed to look precisely like Eminem.

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