FROZEN 2 is better than Original with box office hit $450 Million



The sequel of Walt Disney movie is Frozen II released on 22 November. The film earned $21 million on Tuesday and has reached to $164 million in just five days of his release and has crossed the records of one of the biggest openings.

It has earned $350 million worldwide only in three days. And the assumption is that it will cross $452 million worldwide.

The musical sequel movie has only been in the theatre for one week and has already become the world’s 23rd highest-grossing film. Walt Disney movie generally does not makes theatrical sequels. Frozen 2 performance is so close to ‘How to Train your Dragon'($520 million worldwide) as it is expected to earn $500 million worldwide.

Walt Disney announced making a sequel of Wreck-it Ralph. It was said that the sequel may be of Wreck-it Ralph 2, Zootopia 2 or frozen two and now we know that it’s frozen 2. Frozen two now has been the first mega-hit of Walt Disney animation sequel.

The fact the release of frozen two was saved for November is half right. The wonder woman 2, James bond 25, Hedgehog delayed their publication in the first 2020. So the month has left a vacuum, so it was released on the Thanksgiving 22 November.

So when there was no other competition of the big movies so this movie grabbed the advantage and surely got the benefit of that.

Due to the failure of X-Men, Godzilla everyone was anxious about the sequel fatigue, franchise fatigue. The frozen two was different because of its IP and the IP that the audience wants to watch and not the filmmakers assume that audience will view.

Frozen 2 has earned $500 million worldwide not only because people want to see another frozen, but they also wish to see another Anna and Elsa and their adventure. It was not just a movie it was more about the experiences of the two royal sisters.

The audience wanted to see them again with more adventures. Frozen 2 was an old fashioned movie, and it happened because frozen was a surprise super smash.

Akhil Khokhar
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