Marvel’s Fantastic 4 Delaying Reason, Possibilities, [Future], Expectation You Should Know.


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Phase four of Marvel is going to begin, and we can not stop talking about it. All the new stories that we will be experiencing makes us even more excited of phase four.

Amidst all this, did we forget the Fantastic Four team? I guess, yes. But here we are with the latest information. The great news is that they are coming back for the fourth phase. All of them, you name it, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and the Thing, all will be back.

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Feige is hugely excited about bringing the movie up to a platform it deserves because let’s face it; all the previous film of Fantastic Four were not that up to the mark. the sad part is, they do not even know what the story of the film is going to be. The film is at a very early stage. So we have no plot or any confirmed casts of the movie yet. 

Now that the filming or production of the movie has not even started, the release date does not seem to be near. The film might not also release in two years down the line. Because to make a film lots of effort and time is required. And this time, we hope to see the best from The Fantastic Four. So the hopes are a little high, and it will take a lot of time to make a movie up to that mark.

So the release date is out of the question right now. The problem is, will the main four casts will return for the movie or not? We have no information about that yet, but we will keep you updated with many such stories. So stay tuned to Gizmo Story: Latest Celebrity News, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Gaming as we keep you updated with all the lasted news.

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