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Criminal Minds season 15 Rumors About Its Cancellation, Upcoming News, possibilities, Latest Updates, Soundtrack And Plot You Should Know


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After 14 seasons of mutilation and tossing out the word “un-sub” about every four minutes, the 15th and final season of Criminal Minds ‘ beloved criminal proceedings is finally upon us. And we can’t keep up our excitement and curiosity!

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Keep reading our article to find out everything about Criminal Minds season 15!

When is Criminal Minds season 15 going to release?

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It has been released on 8th Jan 2020 and received a lot of backslashes. There was a two-hour season premiere of the 15th season at 9 p.m. on January 8, 2020, ET on CBS. It will air at 9 p.m. every Wednesday for an hour.

Who will appear in season 15?

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A part of the reasonably new cast includes several known faces. Aisha Tyler as Tara Lewis, the science therapist. Adam Rodriguez, as former FBI specialist Luke Alvez. In reality, like Matt Simmons, Daniel Henney is a special operations agent.

More good news, Lynch has been playing Reid’s brilliant mom on and off since the very first season; her friend, Diana, has schizophrenia, and Reid had killed Diana when he became an adult. Jane Lynch will be seen again in Season 15!

How is Criminal Minds season 15 going so far…

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We got good news and bad news coming out of the final season premiere of Criminal Minds. We’re going to start with the former: J.J./Reid’s love story seems to be over. But aside from that sigh of relief, fans are still not happy about the series.

Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), and J.J. during the two-hour debut. (A.J. Cook) finally put to rest all that relationship what-ifs. She acknowledged that she had real feelings for him but that they should continue to be friends.

Given that audiences have not been entertained with this possible plot (especially considering that her character is married), this feels like the right way forward.

On the flip side, we are now dealing with an audience that is not amused at all about the fact that this happened. Although it’s been months, most would still not be able to wrap their minds around the idea.

Those who could get past that had another question: Why start all this drama, just to squash it as soon as the episodes came back? And why they keep putting Reid to heartbreak!?

Let us watch Criminal Minds season 15 to get a good idea about all our queries. Stay tuned with Gizmo Story for more updates!

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