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Sonic The Hedgehog’s “Baby Sonic” Trailer (2020) Reflects The Competition Is Getting Really Hard Between Baby Yoda & Baby Sonic.


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Paramount may have created a viral character! The news has spread in the town about Baby sonic!! A new adorable tiny creature who is all hearts. 

Baby Sonic is a Japanese Movie which is going to hit theatres this year. It is about a hedgehog. An installment in the series. 

When is it releasing? 

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The scheduled release for Sonic The Hedgehog was November 2019.

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After getting a lot of backlash about the character, Paramount redoubled its efforts. And changed the release date. 

Now, it is set to release in February 2020. And it seems that fans are now satisfied with a hedgehog. 

What is the competition about? 

We have a new baby in town! A baby is cute and cuddly enough to challenge a similar aged character- Baby Yoda. 

When Paramount released the first trailer, fans didn’t like it. Since baby Sonic resembles very little of a classic hedgehog. But after a new makeover, Baby Sonic is in a new Avatar! 

We see Sonic only for mere seconds. But his picture is going viral all over the internet. Fans are sharing, liking and commenting on the pictures. 

Baby Sonic is trending, you guys!! 

Baby Sonic all the way! 

Baby Sonic is now very popular. 

Someone as popular as him is Baby Yoda! When back in November his pictures were released, we fell in love with the tiny creature. 

And now when Baby Sonic’s pictures are released, we cannot help to compare him with baby Yoda.

On Twitter, fans of both the characters are comparing them side to side. These pictures are retweeted and shared across all platforms. Asking people to vote for their favorite little hero!

Since Sonic The Hedgehog is about the origin of Sonic, we have its baby character into play. But how much screen time Baby Sonic has, is not known.

Well, we’ll get to know that soon, in February! Just wait with patience, dear readers!


If you want more updates on your favorite movies and TV Shows, comment below! We’ll write on it ASAP. Only for you, dear readers!! 


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