Will There Be Watchmen Season 2 Adrian Veidt Wound Up The Mars, Rumors About Plots & Cast Member


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HBO’s high-budget adaptation of Alan Moore’s seminal comic Watchmen–and the sequel to it–has been a smash hit with critics praising the series for their storytelling and invention.

Naturally, fans of the show, which is showing in the UK on Sky Atlantic, have begun to wonder whether a second series will be given to Watchmen.

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Even though producer Damon Lindelof (The Leftovers) gave interviews discussing the idea of another season, he announced recently that it was impossible.

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Long before HBO’s Watchmen hit the internet, series creator Damon Lindelof made it clear that he and his writers would tell a full story with a conclusive ending to the television season.

He did not rule out a second season but said that if he had something else to say, he would only consider coming back.

AND GUESS WHAT GUYS? *Drumrolls* He did not. To USA Today this week, he reported that he is not interested in more Watchmen. But don’t lose hope!

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Because many of the characters survive the events of the first season, there are still plenty of opportunities for the plot to be expanded. And with the reception as strong as it was, HBO will likely be interested in following up.

Who will be in The Watchmen season 2 cast?

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The first season featured a handful of new characters who were not in the original comic, including Sister Knight’s leader, and Angela Abar, Regina King’s black-masked vigilante. Wade Tillman, credited as Looking Glass, played Tim Blake Nelson (O Father, Where Art Thou?).

Jeremy Irons, Jean Smart, and Yahya Abdul Mateen II have portrayed three of Alan Moore’s original characters – Adrian Veidt (aka Ozymandias), Laurie Blake (Silk Spectre) and Dr. Manhattan, respectively.

Since Watchmen is a revisionist reboot, rather than a straight-forward adaptation, a completely new plotline needs to be created – so filming on season two has to wait until the writing staff comes up with one.

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