It’s Official: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Season 4 Is Set To Be Released This Year & 5 Major Things To Know About Its Netflix Arrival, Latest Updates, Plot You Should Know


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The Handmaid’s Tale, Hulu’s first flagship series, refers to the bleak world established in her 1985 novel of the same name by Booker Award-winning author Margaret Atwood.

The show is being set in a future nation called Gilead, where the autocratic government assigns specific societal roles to women based on their wealth and fertility.

Hulu announced during the series ‘ third season that The Handmaid’s Tale was picked up for Season 4— no surprise considering its dedicated fan base and popularity.

Handmaid’s Tale Season 4: Release Date?

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Neither has Hulu now officially announced a release date for the show creators. Season 4 does not plan to launch in 2020. The series has been delayed for so long, as reports have been released that the production of season 4 will begin in March. It’s just that we are going to have to wait a while.

The journey of the series of science fiction given on 26 April 2010, when the first episode of season 1 was published. He has since completed three seasons, with 36 events in total. The show is excellent amongst the viewers and has been a great success since the first season.

Who will be the cast of Handmaid Tale season 4?

Because in season 4, the story will remain the same, the cast will also be mostly the same as of June Osborne, Elizabeth Moss, and Yvonne Strowski as Selena Joy.

Another star we’re going to see is An Dowd Aunt Lydia, O.T. Fagben as Michael, Joseph Fiennes as Waterford, and Emily as Alexis Blasdell.

Is season 4 the last season of the series?

We don’t know, to be honest! The variation of the plotline is limitless. So let’s cross our fingers and hope that everything goes well.

Realistically, The Handmaid’s Tale is likely to continue running as long as Hulu decides to keep paying for it.

Hulu CEO Randy Freer told Variety in 2018 that as long as series is successful, he hopes for ten seasons.

What do we know about the plot for season 4?

Season 3 concluded with the successful evacuation of more than 50 children from Gilead and into safety in Canada by June.

In this process, she ends up shot in the leg, leaving paralyzed and stuck in Gilead.

But we are sure to believe that after all, the story of The Handmaid revolves around her that she will continue her journey.

This season, we’ll probably see more on the Canadian side too.

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