Top 10 Games you’d be surprised to hear were banned in certain countries Which You Didn’t Know


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Hello! everyone. I hope you all are doing well. Here am back with one of the most amazing and shocking contents for you all. So today we will check out the top 10 games banned in different countries and the reason behind them

The reason behind the game to be banned

Not all game lovers are as fortunate as US citizens. When we get addicted to any game and a large number of the population seems to be affected by it or some large Ill effects are seen by the government of the particular country. It is exactly the case where the game ban is applied.

Now let’s see some top 10 list of games that have been censored/banned by the government of different countries


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1.Battlefield 4 reasons for this ban it says that the particular game is discrediting China’s national image as well as threatening national security. According to their ministry, this game shows “cultural invasion”

2.Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni Banned because of sexual content and glorifying homosexuality.


3)GTA: episode from Liberty City because it uses music by the Brazilian composer Hamilton da Silva Lourenço without proper permission.

4) India Dungeon hunter 5 Banned because of high graphic violence


5)Pokemon Go 🧐as it is said they banned for security reasons

6) Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni Banned because of sexual content and glorifying homosexuality.


Numerous game has been banned in Japan in which includes the call of duty & dead island the banned is only because of their violent titles. Seems strange !! Isn’t it? They can still play it if they switch their locale from Japan to English


GTA and manhunt series is banned in Malaysia due to its violent graphics


Here comes the most awaited list

Dungeon hunter 5 is banned in India due to its violent graphics

Pubg mobile:- surprise! It gets temporarily banned which was removed on 30 March 2019

It was claimed to affect the minds of youths who tend to become violent

Pc and console versions remain unaffected of this ban.

That’s all for today. Stay connected for more information

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