Merry Happy Whatever Season 2 Rumors About Its Cancellation, Lastest Updates You Should Know


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Merry Happy Whatever is our all-time favorite comic series and what made it even better was the plot been set around the time of Christmas. The series is originally streamed on Netflix and is created by Tucker Cawley.

After the success of the season, one fan have been curious about season 2 but it seems like Netflix is not in a mood to renew the comic series. Netflix is giving mixed reactions about the renewal of the series and we think that they are still doubtful if Merry Happy Whatever should be renewed or not.

Did Netflix renew Merry Happy Whatever for Season 2?

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Netflix did not make an announcement confirming season 2 of Merry Happy Whatever so it is dicey to say if there will be a season 2 or not. But for now, we do expect a season 2 in the near future. Mostly, Netflix doesn’t make a renewal announcement within the first few weeks of a series debuting and waits for a month for the viewing statistics.

Although it is possible that they make an announcement if the series is extremely popular or high rate.

Merry Happy Whatever is a holiday-themed comic series that shows a family interaction during the Christmas holiday. The finale of the series shows the family celebrating New Year Eve together. The series is an annual Christmas sitcom release. If the series is renewed then we may expect season 2 to release somewhere around Christmas, 2020.

Fans Response on renewal Season 2 being canceled

Although, Merry Happy Whatever has not been one of the extremely popular Netflix shows it seems like it has a loyal fanbase. Fans have been requesting Netflix to renew the series so that they can watch another Hillarious season of the family going on a holiday together. Now, all we can do is wait for an official announcement from Netflix for the show renewal.


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