Modern Love Season 2: Returning To Amazon Starring British Indian Actor Dev Patel With Heart Touching Stories This New Romantic Story Will Set Butterflies In Your Tummy


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Fantastic stuff, you guys! Amazon Prime Video’s Modern Love TV masterpiece is being renewed for a second season.

So you might want to stock up on a box of tissues because we think the second series will be even more eye-soring. It’s based on the New York Times Relationship column and will be back with the same name for the second season.

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Keep reading our article to find out everything you need to know!

Modern Love season 2 release date:


Fans are excited to see the series return in amazon. It’s likely the show will return in 2020. John Carney joins this major amazon fam after the season 1 success, the show’s producer.

He also performs production duties. In Variety, he says this chance to be able to tell the love stories is perfect.

What will be the Cast of Modern Love season 2:

The first season had the first-class cast, and we have high hopes from the second season.

Who will be a season two-star is not yet manifest, but we are waiting for big things. These include Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, Dev Patel.

The reaction of the viewers has been overjoyed since their debut in the first season. This show is full of passion and affection, and each episode reflects a message that endures breath and uniquely touches both heart and mind.

The show is full of amazing love stories. Love is a mixture of joy and sorrow. This is pictured in season 1. That episode features their love story and a different couple.

Essays from the real-life influenced the series. Members of the cast include Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, Sofia Boutella, Dev Patel. The series, in its first season, is through.

Expectations from this show are high, with the public looking forward to seeing what Amazon can do next in every age range in the romance line.

Let’s hope the show succeeds in building on the momentum of season 1.

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