A Discovery of Witches Season 2 is Arriving on Netflix, This time Sarah Dollard and Susie Conklin are writing the second season.. Here are the possibilities !


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Will ‘A Discovery Of Witches’ Be On Netflix? Has The Supernatural Series Been Renewed For Two More Seasons? This question has been revolving in the minds of fans since April 2019. The TV adaptation of Deborah Harkness’ All Souls trilogy made its debut on Sky One back in September 2018.

A Discovery of Witches follows the story of Oxford University’s professor of alchemy and science, a reluctant witch denying her heritage, Dr Diana Bishop portrayed by Teresa Palmer. After finding a manuscript inside Oxford’s Bodleian Library, she indulges herself in a dangerous mystery and eventually runs into professor and vampire, Matthew Clairmont. The show is an Escape into a tale of contemporary forbidden love and ancient magic, set in a world against the backdrop of Oxford academic life where witches, vampires and daemons live amongst human beings concealed and unseen from their vision. The discovery of a manuscript in Oxford’s Bodleian Library throws Diana into the heart of a dangerous mystery — and into the way of enigmatic geneticist Matthew Clairmont, who possesses dark family secret too as he is a vampire.

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Diana Bishop – historian and witch, accesses Ashmole 782 (Ashmole 782 reflects an allusion to the Ashmolean Museum, an arm of Oxford University, which centres on the curious oddities of the museum founder Elias Ashmole who was was a 17th-century antiquarian, astrologer and alchemist. The first building dedicated to the museum was erected in 1678-83 and given to the University in 1677 – IMDb), acknowledging she must solve its mysteries. The enigmatic Matthew Clairmont offers her assistance, but he’s a vampire and witches hardly trust them. Her relationship with Matthew moves forward, but events cast them both further into danger.

Jane Tranter, from the production company Bad Wolf, expressed her delight at the show’s renewal saying that There was a real sense of community throughout the run as fans joined together to watch each week.

The original trilogy’s American author, Deborah Harkness, also expressed her frolic at the show’s reception by the audience and the announcement of A Discovery of Witches upcoming seasons. She said “Given how warmly the season was received, I’m thrilled that we will be continuing with the story of the All Souls Trilogy. There is so much to look forward to as we travel into Matthew’s past and delve further into the mysteries surrounding Diana’s power and Ashmole 782. “It’s a collaborative creative process. Nobody controls it, but I did have input for sure. I was just so thrilled with the casting of both of them,” Harkness said. “They embody these characters. People say they look right. Well, it goes so far beyond a look. What you need is for somebody to be able to occupy their skin convincingly. This is what Theresa and Matthew do so brilliantly in the show.”

Season 1 had 8.1 IMDb rating. Season 2 will be based on Harkness’s second novel in her All Souls Trilogy- Shadow of Night. Its is expected to have eight episodes too just like season 1. The series simulcasted on AMC and BBC America in April. “We are thrilled to bring it to a wider audience and pair it with Killing Eve on both AMC and BBC AMERICA,” said Sarah Barnett, President of AMC Entertainment Networks in Feb 2019.

As Susie Conklin is known for her work on episodes of season 1 of A Discovery of Witches (2018), The 2nd season will focus on the love story between Diana and Matthew, as they attempt to remain unnoticed in Elizabethan London.. which is considered a place of spies and subterfuge. Diana will strive to improve her powers under the authority of a powerful witch while searching for the elusive Book of Life too. The network of Matthew’s past will tighten around them embarking on a very different journey of shadowed history and secrets. The mission to locate a witch to tutor Diana control her powers and find traces of Ashmole 782 will be lucid under their writing. We cannot wait to continue the journey with them and, as the show continues to sell around the world, bringing a global fanbase to these engaging and fascinating characters.

The conclusion of the first series left viewers wanting more for sure, and we can’t wait to watch the remnants of the book adaptation echo. All fans of the show are looking forward to stepping into Deborah’s fantastical world to watch such a fascinating story unfold in the version of these two magnificent writers. For them, it will be a delight to delve in..

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