Carnival Row Season 2 Everything you need to know about the upcoming show, Trailer, And Latest Update


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Carnival Row Season 2 Hilarious Expectations, New[CAST], Upcoming News And Latest Update You Should Know.

Amazon’s steampunk fantasy series Carnival Row is coming back for Season 2.Here’s what we know so far about Philo’s next instalment and the story of Vignette.

Created by Travis Beacham and René Echevarria, Carnival Row is set in a Victorian-era style called The Burgue, where the human population treats fae refugees fleeing war in their homeland with hate and suspicion.

Carnival Row season 2 release date: When will it release?

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Amazon is investing heavily in Carnival Row, ready to step in and fill the gap left behind by Game of Thrones. So it’s little surprise that Carnival Row Season 2 was revealed alongside the first season release on August 30, 2019.

The renewal was confirmed on social media, along with the hint “We know you’re going to want more. The story’s just beginning”. Expect a landing in August 2020. When it is officially announced, we will put the release date into this section.


Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne, Carnival Row

The play Orlando Bloom’s two lead roles and Carla Delevingne will be back for the upcoming season. Others scheduled to return for their own purposes are David Gyasi, Karla Crome, Indira Varma and Jared Harris.

There will even be some guests, who will only be announced after the series arrives. And all we can do right now is wait for the news to be published by the Shoemakers, or for the show to be released.

Carnival Row season 2 plot: What will it be about?

Jared Harris in Carnival Row trailer Amazon Prime

Two major plot points of Carnival Row season 1 were the Darkasher killings investigated by Philo and the mystery of the origins of Philo.

Which turned out to be connected when it was revealed that Piety Breakspear was behind the killings, and Chancellor Absalom Breakspear was Philo’s father.

It is safe to assume that Carnival Row season 2 will focus on the fae’s struggle for liberation from fo. While star-crossed lovers Imogen Spurnrose and Agreus Astrayon are on the run after a violent altercation with Imogen’s uncle, Ezra, and will have to deal with the fallout of that and the current fae fight.

For more information, keep in touch!

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