Star Trek Discovery season 3, trailer and Netflix Revealed The Story You Should Know Before Watching New Plot, Expectations.


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Star Trek Discovery season 2 became a big success and now the show has been renewed for season three and we are as excited as you to know what is going to happen in season 2. Here are all the details of season 3 that you must know before you start watching it.

Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Release Date

There is no official date for the release but we can expect season 3 to release around February 2020.

Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Plot: What is going to happen?

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For season three, expect the character of Spock to be different than what he was in season two. Spock is all set to come out with a completely different version.

Spock has experienced something in the signals and the red angel that has broken his logical brain. He cannot figure it out and he is emotionally ill-equipped to deal with it. So both logic and emotion are failing him completely and he is not the character we know at the beginning of┬áTOS,” said Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman for Spock’s character.

There is one more chapter of Spock which needs justification, why Spock never mentioned about having a sibling bond with Michael Burnham in the original series?

Kurtzman said that season three of Star Trek Discovery will be all about understanding the relationship between Spock and his half-sister Michael Burman. By the end of the season, we will be synced up with canon.

Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Trailer: When is it out?

We expected the first look of season three at this year’s comic-con because that’s what happened for season 2 and we thought showrunners will follow the same pattern for next season as well. But nothing happened like that and now all we can do is to wait for the trailer, you guys don’t have to worry because we will update you as soon as any official news comes out.

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