The Dragon Prince Season 4 Rumors About Its Cancellation, Latest Updates You Should Know


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It looks like Netflix is still not sure it The Dragon Prince should be renewed for another season or not. As of now, Dragon Prince doesn’t look promising for a renewal. The Dragon Prince is an animated series aired on Netflix, created by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond. We all know-how famous Dragon Prince has become in the past three seasons.

The show is produced by Wonderstorm and animated by Bardel Entertainment. The first season of The Dragon Princess was aired on 14 September 2018, and the next two seasons were broadcast on February 2020 and November 2020, respectively.

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Will Netflix Renew The Dragon Prince for Season 4?

As of now, we assume that there isn’t any season 4.

According to Inverse, Danika Harrod- Head of Community Development for Wonderstorm- renounced her position and tweeted many times about the misogynistic behavior she goes through within the studio.

In her tweets, she expressed the activities of The Dragon Prince co-creators Aaron Ehasz and said that this could also have an impact on the series.

Union Journalism also reported that there had been technical issues regarding production. On the other hand, Nextalerts has weighed in saying: “We anticipate ‘The Dragon Prince’ season 4 to discharge at some point in May 2020.”

Is there a need for Dragon Prince Season 4? 

The series demands better closer as the finale episode “The Final Battle” ends as we hear “It’s changing,” and now we need to know about this change.

We don’t know what happened to the creepy caterpillar friend, but while looking at the images, we see that it’s changing. With such rough ending fans often become more confident that the show will have another season.

The team also revealed in the San Diego Comic-Con their plans for season 4 and 5, the team had their plans for at least two more seasons for a smooth ending. So we do expect a season 4 from Netflix.

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