Fortnite’s next crossover event might be a collaboration with Birds of Prey, Spoilers, Latest Updates


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fortnite chapter 2

As for Fortnite multiplayer games and partnerships with Hollywood, Epic Games seems to be on a roll. We’ve already seen two Star Wars events in Season 1, and, before that, a collaboration between Batman and Borderlands 3.

That event usually includes some exclusive cosmetics and some form of an element / limited-time gameplay mode.

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Just a few weeks after the Star Wars crossover has finished. However, Fortnite seems to be at it again. I have teased on twitter Fortnite and warner bros. Pictures look like Birds of Prey are teaming up.

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Birds of prey soar on Fortnite?


Of note, this is not the first crossover rodeo for Fortnite. We’ve seen interactive experiences from a variety of games, TV shows, and movies, including, and maybe they’re making their way to Fortnite? We consider it possible, mainly because Warner Bros. replied with “Can’t-Wait” and a smoochy kiss …

Birds of Prey is scheduled to release on February 7, 2020, which means the event is coming sooner rather than later, particularly as Chapter One is expected to close quickly.

Chapter 2, season 2, is falling on February 20, after being pushed back from February 6. As we reported previously, data miners discovered the pushback in the API of the game, expanding Season 1 well beyond any other Fortnite season.

It was in its 100th day as of yesterday, having begun on October 15 of last year. On average, Fortnite seasons last for ten weeks.

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Because fortnite points out Harley Quinn, this leads us to believe that skin is about to come. While other surfaces like Black Canary might come to the Item Shop as well, it’s almost sure we’ll see a cosmetic package from Harley Quinn.

However, it’s unclear whether Epic Games plans a full-fledged crossover event. If they were to go that route, they would be adding additional content.

Maybe there could be a limited-time mode in the works in which players can play as Harley Quinn using her signature baseball bat.

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