Designated Survivors Season 4- Netflix Release Date, Episodes, What Happened To Lyor & Many More


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Designated Survivor season 4 has been on fan’s minds ever since the third season of Netflix’s political thriller hit the streaming platform in June 2019. It kept people on their toes throughout.


The show spins around Thomas Kirkman, and an American government official called “designated survivor” for the State of the Union location, who is abruptly compelled to accept accountability as the President of the United States after everybody in the prompt line of progression gets killed in a blast. He, simultaneously, needs to unwind reality behind the explosion.

Release date

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I’m afraid it is not good news. Get ready fans. Designated Survivor has officially been cancelled.

Many were hopeful that the series would keep on rolling after Netflix saved the show following ABC’S decision. But it is highly unlikely that the show will kick start with the 4th season.

“We are proud to have offered fans the third season of Designated Survivor, and will continue to carry all three seasons for years to come,” said Netflix in a statement.
Although he was something of an insensitive and rude political director, we grew quite fond of him throughout the first and second season as he was able to help the White House fend off a bunch of incidents that would have become detrimental to the Kirkman’s America.

What Happened To Lyor & Many More

We first met Lyor when he was brought to the White House to coordinate a political battle strategy for President Kirkman.

So when we all tuned into Season 3 and saw the show had done without Lyor, everyone was upset, “They were the best ones,” said a fan on reddit. People on Twitter were equally unhappy and stated, “Can anyone tell me WHERE’S MY LYOR?” The characters just disappeared into thin air it seems.

It appears that the actors on Designated Survivor were just as blindsided. LaMonica Garrett, who played Mike, shared on Twitter that he was “disappointed to find out Mike Ritter would not be returning for Season 3.”

“There were lengthy negotiations between Designated Survivor and Netflix [and] unfortunately myself and a couple of others fell victim to the budget sword,” he wrote, adding the hashtag “#actorslife.”

We hate when budget and creative changes end up with our favourite characters getting cut!

It was a somewhat bittersweet journey. Will keep you updated just in case.

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