Grand Tour Season 5- Upcoming News You Should Know, Possibilities, Richard Hamond Latest Disaster With Clarkson And May, Will There Be A Season 6?


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Get in gear, petrol-heads: it looks like The Grand Tour, Amazon’s car-based reality show presented by Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond, will be back for another lap.

Since producer Andy Wilman revealed on Instagram that the series would be running for another two years, Season 5 was inevitable.

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The show has completed four seasons and is expected to bring the fifth season soon.

Release Date

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The series mostly aired in November, December, January and then again in December.

As such, no official date has been confirmed yet, but we should expect the fifth season in December 2020, if we follow the launches of the previous four seasons.

The Grand Tour season: Cast

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As for the cast, all three of the main characters will return because we’ll feel incomplete without any of them.

That is Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May will also be returning as the show’s hosts for the fifth season.

Since Andy Wilman posted that the crew will have to work for the next two years, this could be an indication that the Grand Tour will also come back for the 6th season     (*HYPED*).

What will be the plot?

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We’ve seen significant changes including show moving from a live audience to a more adventurous side by the end of Grand Tour season 4.

The group is heading to many beautiful places, including a wide variety of famous cities, including Cambodia and Singapore.

Since season 4 of the Grand Tour was shot mainly in Asia, we believe this time gearheads are going to race around in different continents, perhaps closer to their home.

Is There a Trailer?

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The trailer for Grand Tour season 5: The Seamen is out and you can watch it on various social media websites like youtube.

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