Mindhunter Season 3- David Fincher’s New Project? Is Brian A Secret Serial Killer? Netflix Renewed The Show? And Many More


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We are going to have Mindhunter season 3 on Netflix. Read the full article to know about David Fincher’s new project. 

Mindhunter is a crime drama web series that is going to be back with a new season. The series is created by Joe Penhall, who is an award-winning playwright. 

Is Mindhunter reprised for season 3? 

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No guys, not till now. There are many key facts that add up to this. 

After the release of Mindhunter season 2 on Netflix in August 2019, there were speculations about season 3. 

But recently in January 2020, Netflix announced that Mindhunter season 3 is put on hold. The actors are released from their contracts so that they can freely commit to other projects. 

Why is Mindhuntwr season 3 not renewed? 

The biggest reason is David Fincher. The director is busy with his other work commitments, therefore he was not able to give time to Mindhunter. 

As of now, Fincher has involved in his new feature film Mank as well as his producing duties on the animated series Love, Death, and Robots.

Hence, this was the right move by Netflix to postpone season 3. 

Will there be Mindhunter season 3 in the future? 

Why lose hope? As soon as Fincher is finished with his current projects, he might start working on Mindhunter season 3. 

But this year, we are not getting a new season. 2022 can be a probable time for the release of Fincher wraps up his projects soon. 

Who will be in the cast? 


The three leads of the web series are released from their contracts. This includes Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany and Anna Torv.

But if we are going to get season 3 in the future, there are high chances that these three actors will be back. When this will happen, Mark will have to work around the schedules of these actors since till then, this talented bunch would have new projects lined up.

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