Will there be Euphoria season 2 on netflix? More controversy? What to expect? Lates update you should know


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Euphoria is renewed for season 2 and we couldn’t be happier.

Unlike those cliche high school drama where the protagonists end up together, Zendaya- starred Euphoria depicts the high school world in a more bold, realistic way where their struggles with drugs or toxic relationships aren’t romanticized whatsoever.

Release Date? 

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No release date has yet been released but HBO confirmed that euphoria will be returning with a season 2 through twitter and through its 2020 preview trailer too. We seriously can’t wait anymore.



The cast list hasn’t been disclosed yet but Zendaya confirmed on her twitter that she will be returning for season 2 as well. “Just got the call, can’t say thank you enough for the support we’ve seen, wow” Zendaya quoted HBOPR’s euphoria season 2 confirmed tweet. Yes zendaya, come through we are waiting.

Barbie Ferreira who plays the role of Kat gushed about Euphoria season 2 in an interview with Elle “I have no idea what is coming up. I trust Sam Levinson’s mind thoroughly…I can’t wait to be surprised and shocked about what Kat does”.

Jacob and Hunter Schafer are most likely to return as well.

Trailer? Plot? More angst?

The trailer is yet to be released but one thing we know and that is we’re getting it in mid-2020, considering Zendaya’s confirmation tweet for euphoria season 2 in July 2019.

There’s a lot speculation about Rue’s death and some instances indeed support this. In the end, rue is walking alone after Jules abandons her. The situation gets worse after she’s ignored by her mother but she dreams of her dad hugging and comforting her. Rue’s last line about disappearing “into that good night” is not a positive sign at all.

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