GTA 6 one last time? rumours, Release date and everything you should know


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2000s kids would never get to experience what 90s kids did, me being the only exception though. The games we had and still play them religiously like Mario, Prince of Persia and who could forget Grand Theft Auto. But will there be any 6th part in the making or is it a mere hoax?

Its been six years since GTA 5 launched and following the success and universal acclaim, we thought GTA 6 was on its way too.

Is it coming out this year?

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We have no official information regarding the release date or whether there’ll be a 6th part or not. There have been multiple speculations in the past that Rockstar Games teamed up with a big company for GTA 6 release but none of them confirmed it. Sigh! I’m going to give up now.


As of now, we have no information regarding the city but we will update you as soon as we get any kind of information.

For more information, stay tuned.

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Priyanka Singh
"no worries at least this planet has namjoon"💜