Star Trek Discovery season 3: , trailer and Netflix Revealed The Story You Should Know Before Watching New Plot, Expectations


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Hey! Everyone hope you all are doing well. Here am back with one more update for you all. Just tighten your seat belt with us and let’s go through a roller coaster ride of science fiction television series we all love to see. Today we are talking about updates of star Trek discovery season 03 updates but before let’s head quickly towards its past season to refresh our mind once and get connected to it.

All about star Trek discovery you must know

This science fiction series had successfully completed its two seasons. It was premiered 1st at CBS on 19 September 2017.

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The main storyline of this series revolves around Michael Burnham and her companions doing time travel in the USS Discovery travel into the far reaches of space to meet new lifeforms and discover new planets.

A total of 29 episodes we have gone through already in its past season. Let’s see what season 3 have in its bag new for the fans

All about star Trek discovery 03

After a big hit and huge success of its past two seasons this series is all set for its season 03 and it is officially confirmed that this series already get renewed for its season 03

Release date

For now, we don’t have an exact date for season 03 but we predict that we will get to see its season 03 somewhat around mid of February 2020

The plot of season 03

With lots of interesting plot in its season 03, we get to know we are getting to see our favorite Spock in completely different version for this series.

We are getting to know the reason behind Spock’s silence about mentioning its sibling bond with Michael Burnham in the original series?

Season 03 will be all about understanding the relationship between Spock and his half-sister Michael Burma

That’s all we have for now. For more updates stay connected to Gizmo story

Till then keep reading and loving us 🌸

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