Black Adam Initial Release Date, Official Teaser/Trailer News, latest UPDATES, Spoilers ,Rumors About Its New Villain, Soundtrack And Plot


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Shazam’s arch nemesis, Black Adam is considered as one of the most powerful super villains in the DC Comics Universe. After a series of lows, Warner Brothers has finally figured out the key to a successful extended franchise.


After the latest blockbuster Aquaman, DC is all set to introduce Black Adam to its Extended Universe. Currently, as per the recent updates, the Black Adam movie is scheduled to release in Christmas of 2021.

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Since his first appearance in 1945, Black Adam has been both a hero and villain over life for a thousand years. Black Adam, Shazam and an ample of other characters, skyrocketed the DC world. These characters have played a vital role in making headway for the DC world.


The character was intended to be introduced in Shazam!, but by January 2017 the film’s production studios had chosen to divide the narrative to focus on Black Adam’s origin. In June 2019, Jaume Collet-Serra was announced as director for the film. Dwayne Johnson has been cast as the anti hero and the principal photography is expected to begin by mid-2020.


The plot can introduce several characters, but the carte blanche (SOLE DECISION ) lies with the producers. So, we may get to see other DC characters too, like Superman, Shazam, etc. However, at this point, the speculations are high, and so, nothing precise can be said about the characters.

Being a highly anticipated comic book movie, fans can expect an official photo or at least a concept art to be released by Warner Bros soon. As this movie is going to be a huge deal for DC, we can expect the trailer or at least a teaser to drop by end of this year. Dwayne Johnson reportedly described his version of Black Adam to be neither a super-villain nor an antihero. However, the character is a rebellious one whose powers are equal to Superman. Fans are desperately waiting for a teaser of the movie to know exactly how Dwayne’s character will be.

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