The Dragon Prince Season 4 Rumors About Its Cancellation, Latest Updates You Should Know


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In the past few days, there have been rumors about cancellation of Netflix’s original animated series Dragon Prince series but we have got you what’s true. Read this article to know if you want to know if season 4 is happening or not.

Is Dragon Prince Season 4 Cancelled?

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There have been a lot of rumors regarding the cancellation of season 4 but that’s not true. Although, there is no confirmation for season 4 but it has not been cancelled and there are chances that it might return once again.

The rumors were tosed as a result of disagreement between the showmakers Danika Harrod, Lulu Younes, and Aaron Ehsaz. Where Younes and Harrod has left the wonder strong because of the treatment they have been getting in the studio (as they tweeted this several times).

But this does not mean that their season 4 is not happening, this might cause delay of season 4 but not cancellation obviously.

Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date: when will it release?

As we all know that there is no confirmation for season 4 yet so we can expect an official date for the release when season 4 is confirmed.

Dragon Prince Season 4 Plot: what will happen this time?

The show follows a fantasy world in Nadia which is rich in magic deriving from six elements- sun, moon, stars, Earth, sky, and ocean where many years ago dragons, humans, and elves all lived together peacefully.

This was till the humans start using black magic. This lead to a split between the continent. Thus, in season four we can expect to explore Xadia even better. It is expected that we see the journey of the dragon prince and Claudia. Aaravos is to seen with connections.

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