GTA 6? Whats the city? Co founder left? And everything you should know


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God is really on our side. Just when we thought we wouldn’t be getting GTA 6 and almost gave up on that, Super bowl came forward and gave us some interesting clues.

There have been rumors making the round that GTA 6 would be more or less like Vice city. Although none of it holds any credibility, some hints are worth nothing.

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The Superbowl 54 broadcasted bt Fox News showed the Vice City Heads Up display(HUD) to display the kick-off time. It showed things like health, money and other stuff.

To make everything more interesting and suspicious, the cover art of Vice City was very much similar to that of Super bowl. And the font too. Talking about the next hint, Fox News used a map to show the locations of two teams look more like Vice City.

I mean we might be making things up at this point but something is…fishy.

Again, nothing can be said with surety. And with the departure of the co-founder Dan Houser, the future of sequel to GTA 5 is looking pretty dark.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more news.

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