GTA 6: This Grand Theft Auto V Mission Giving Us A Hint Of GTA 6, Latest Update You Should Know


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Rumors are making the round again that GTA 6 is on its way. But nobody, literally no one, knows if this holds any credibility or not. Rockstar previously debunked the news of GTA 6 releasing soon. But we, as GTA lovers, will continue connecting the dots until and unless we get our hands on the copy of GTA 6. Now lets jump right into the hints we have gotten so far, which could be true.

The online mission of GTA 5, released not long ago but in December 2019, had given us some hints about the GTA 5’s sequel. In our previous article, we had told you Super Bowl’s in deliberate/deliberate leak and how it gave us some clues about part 6. In addition to this, many fans have been claiming since forever that part 6 is going to be something like Vice City.

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And this screenshot shared by Reddit users from the online mission, kind of proves all the assumptions? If we closely take a look at the screenshot, on the right-hand side the world Service is written SEPERATELY as “Ser” and “Vice”. They could have written it together but chose not to. Moving on to the next hint, you could see “Diamond 510” mentioned in the wall. Fans are saying this has something to do with the release date. These hints indeed support our assumptions.

Well, we might be reaching but these hints do make sense.

For more updates, stay tuned.

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