High School Dxd Season 5 Rumors About Its Cancellation, Upcoming News, Plot You Should Know


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High School DxD is a very popular anime series and you’ll immediately realize why it’s so popular when you look at it. This definitely isn’t because of the overwhelming number of alluring women. The series ‘ first season went on air in 2012. The series is based on a manga of the same name which is very popular. The series ‘ popularity is certainly not surprising.

Highschool DxD Season 5 Release Date

The anime has so far earned 4 seasons. Season five is not out of the question. High School DxD’s fifth season will continue with the arc Hero Oppai Dragon. The arc began in the fourth season, spanning two volumes-9 and 10.

What is Highschool DxD Season 5 release date?

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Highschool DxD Season 5

The DxD Season 5 high school is expected to return in the mid-2020s. So far no announcement has been made regarding the fifth season release date. Neither Passion Studio nor Sueda has confirmed anything yet.

So far, there have been no big updates on Highschool DxD Season 5 and we still believe that there will be some time before it’s airing. Those of you who waited for it to come back in early 2020 will be disappointed to know this, but it is what it is.

Ichiei, the series ‘ creator, completed the series ‘ 12th volume in the year 2012. When we look up the light novels after the release of the fifth season there’s even more content for more seasons.

What will happen?

Highschool DxD Season 5

The story arc ends with the start of the Middle-Class Promotion Exam. When Issei, Akeno and Kiba are about to practice for the exam, Koneko is going to start acting suspiciously. Koneko witnessed first hand the closeness of Issei and Rias.

The plot is taking an interesting turn as Azazel brings Ophis and the Khaos Brigade chief to the Hyoudou Residence.

The plot is taking an interesting turn as Azazel brings Ophis and the Khaos Brigade commander to the Hyoudou Residence.

It could be a clever solution to the Season 3 issue, where the author attempted to put three light novels into the Season 12 episode, and it failed miserably. Season 3 of the anime also veered away from the source material, and the series ‘ fans disapproved.

Now it’s all up to the Passione studio and its schedule to determine when to bring out the anime season 5 for their current and future productions. Although we can safely speculate about High School DxD Season 5 released in the fall of 2020

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