The Dragon Prince Season 4 Leaked Trailer, Cast, Plot And What Interesting Plot Can Be Seen?


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Netflix and animation not a popular area. But Netflix has also been releasing a few animated series on the platform that they themselves are very sure about maintaining their dignity.

One such series that was premiered by Netflix since September 14, 2018. The name of the series is The Dragon Prince.

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The dragon prince has been entertaining the fans since then for three seasons that has been spanning for over a year. And now the show is being renewed for a fourth season.

To know about the renewal of the show let us read below.

Release date:

As we fans have seen the season 3 , we know there will be a season 4. Although the show makers have not made an official confirmation regarding the renewal. So we are supposed to wait until there is an official announcement if you ought to know the accurate release date.

But fans have an approximated release date which is set to May 2020.

Cast & crew:

  • Callum is the main character of the show, who is a 14-year-old boy. He becomes the first human ever to control primal magic.
  • Rayla is a 15-year-old assassin who works with Callum and Erzan.
  • Tarzan is the 10-year-old son of King Harrow. He has a unique ability to speak with animals.

What is the plot and setting of the show?

As the story starts, we see the war between the humans and dragons who kill the Dragon king and also destroy his heir’s eggs. The humans are attacked in return. The egg is later recovered, and it hatches into the Dragon Prince Zym.

The story has received great praise from all around. With fans getting immersed in the storytelling technique. The fight with an element of magic and dark magic goes on and goes more in-depth with time.

The ratings received were positive both by the audience and also by critics. Season 4 will be returning to continue this fight. The three-dimensional creation makes the show unique and interesting to watch.

So let us hope for the best from the show as always.

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