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GOD OF WAR 5: How Kratos Gonna Die? Can”t Believe They Put This New Weapon In The Game [RUMOURS]


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God of War 5 is going to be back! Our favorite video game is coming back again! Want to know when and how? Read till the end to find out!

God of War is a video game released back in 2018 which is created and distributed by Sony. It is a very popular video game that has a younger and older audience alike.

When is it releasing?

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The oy confirmed news is we are getting a sequel. God of war 5 is going to happen!

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No official update has been given by Santa Monic or Sony Interactive Entertainment. The creative team is developing the game for its players.

God of War PS4 took 4 years to create. But we can expect the next level to not take this much time.

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We can get our new video game anytime in the next two years with the speed the project is going on.

How will Kratos die?

Well, we don’t think Kratos will die in God Of War 5. Kratos is the main protagonist and the core player of the game.

Also, ending Kratos means ending God Of War. Many people buy PlayStation solely because of this game.

But you never know. When the release will come closer, we’ll get to understand more of the theme. Since the release is far away, we can just expect it.

Are we getting New weapons?!

Well, there can be new weapons to explore! Although not much is known about the new game as of now, we can speculate.

We can get entirely new combat weapons that have surprising powers. The creative team is going to have a lot of brainstorming to do!

Till the next God Of War is released, let us dwell on God of War 4 guys!

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