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Kassandra’s Top 10 Best Outfits In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Ranked Accordingly


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Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey includes upgrading your armor, weapons, and skills to keep on beating bigger and better enemies. There are several legendary sets of armor found inside the game, but some sets that help you better than others.

It depends on your playing but we’ll presume in this article that most people prefer to focus on their damage to the warrior.

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There are those who may argue that assassin or hunter damage is more important but, generally speaking, both players must participate in several hand-to-hand battles.

Here are the top 10 best outfits in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey!

#10 : Amazon/Achilles Set

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This set is the lowest on our list as it only gives a 2 percent health restoration with consistent damage to the wearer, but it has made it on our list as it still gives you a lifetime chance. It focuses on warrior damage with each piece giving you an increase of 15 percent in damage.

To give you a subtle edge, it also increases your health, critical damage, and all damage. This set can be acquired by defeating all the cultists in the Cult Heroes branch, but this set is perfect for any kind of player regardless of their playing style.

#9: Greek Hero Set

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This armor puts your character on the defensive as it gives you the resistance of 20 percent to any attack. With each acquired piece it gives you health, armor, melee resistance, half-damage resistance, and elemental resistance, as well as a 15 percent boost in warrior ability.

#8: Snake Set

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This set is perfect for anyone who prefers fire poison because it increases your toxic damage by 10%. This set is also geared towards assassins as each piece in this area adds 15 percent damage. It also increases your enemies ‘ intoxication time, as well as a buildup of 25 percent damage.

#7: Athenian War Hero Set

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This is another set that focuses on hunter abilities, as it allows your arrows to pierce shields of your enemies. It eliminates the need to target an enemy heading over their shield as they rush toward you while providing an additional 15 percent hunter damage with each piece of armor that you are equipping.

#6: Pirate Set

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Assassin skill types love this collection as it adds to their gameplay style a 15 percent increase in damage. Even after a stealthy kill, it boosts your critical damage, critical chance and adrenaline.

#5: Master’s Artemis Set

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This set is perfect for anyone who prefers to take down their enemies with the ability to hunt, as it gives them a 15 percent boost in damage.

#4: Immortal Set

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This package will literally make any player immortal since every two minutes offers a 20 percent health boost. The benefits don’t stop there because the pieces themselves give your warrior skills a 15 percent boost, as well as an increase in your ability to inflict critical damage.

#3: Agamemnon Set

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This collection works best for those who enjoy an approach to fire-based combat. The main advantage of this package is to raise your enemies ‘ burning rate by 50%, but its warrior skill advantages are also enviable.

#2: Demigod Set

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This can be accomplished by beating Deimos, which will give you four of the five items, and the last section can be purchased from Aspasia in the quest “A Fresh Start.” This package focuses on warrior damage, but it also increases your total damage by 10%.

#1: Spartan War Hero Set

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The Spartan War Hero Set is the ultimate war damage armor. This set adds an extra 15 percent damage to your warrior skills, and the individual pieces seek to boost your critical damage and damage to Athenian soldiers themselves.


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