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Splatoon 3: Release Date, Nintendo Update, Upcoming News And Latest Update You Don;t Wanna Miss


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Fans are expecting to see Splatoon 3 in 2020. Also, fans were expecting something different, feature a new story mode and the all-important multiplayer elements in the third part.

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Splatoon is a popular franchise that is made for Swift.

Splatoon 2 gave fans the hope that maybe more content will be on its way for the next season as it had a story mode.

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Nintendo did not tell anything about not releasing the game in 2020. But we can only say that fans are crazy about the game, and the next Splatoon game will be coming to the Nintendo switch.

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Nintendo posted a picture on social media which gives us an idea about the characters whom we might see. In that picture, we see an original drawing of the Squid Sisters, Marie, and Callie, hanging out with Pearl, one of the hosts for Splatoon 2. Nintendo added a caption, “The stars from #Splatoon and #Splatoon2 are staying fresh, even if it’s frosty! But where’s Marina?” We can’t say anything because the posts have not officially confirmed anything yet.

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Fans have taken this post as a hint that the company will be announcing Splatoon 3 very soon. As it is shown in the caption about missing Marina, it has made fans speculate that the character will return in a different role in a new game, similar to how Callie ended becoming an antagonist in Splatoon 2 after initially being a host in the first game.

Release Date

There’s no official date has yet announced. But we can expect Splatoon 3 to release in Mid-Fall 2020.

The second part of the game was released in 2017, fans have done a long wait for the third part.

We will update you on this as soon as some more news is out, so stay tuned.
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