Elite Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And How Did Previous Season End [Explained]


During its first launch in 2018, Netflix’s Spanish teen drama Elite was met with critical acclaim that appreciated its unapologetically offered trash TV and its honesty in not pretending otherwise. One critic praised the show stating that it’s certainly not a masterpiece but is one of those oddly satisfying shows you got to see through the end.

For anyone looking to binge-watch a hugely engrossing series with a plethora of overdone tropes but still spins all the clichés it borrows extremely creatively, Elite is the guilty pleasure show for you! 

What is the Release Date?

Netflix confirmed the series’ renewal for a fourth and fifth season in January 2020, even before Season 3 came out in March. According to a recent Spanish publication, pre-production work has already begun and Season 4 may probably air in 2021.

Cast Details

The upcoming season will feature a new cast. One of the series’ cast members, Georgina Amoros also confirmed this stating that previous season’s cycle has completed, now another one will start.

Cast members expected to return include Itzan Escamilla (Samuel García Domínguez) and Miguel Bernardeau (Guzmán Nunier Osuna). These two actors have been posting teasers for the fourth season ok their social media. 

How Did Previous Season End? 

Season 3 pretty much wrapped up with a neat resolution so it makes sense this new season will feature an entirely different story and cast.

All these troubled, privileged characters somehow get a nice happy ending- with Carla escaping her father’s tyranny, Nadia and Guzmán’s romance blooms, and so does Omar and Ander’s. 

Elite Season 4: What’s Next? 

We know that Season 4 will have a new cast, with only a handful of previous cast members returning. So this new season could introduce a new generation of students at the fictional private school, Las Encinas.

We’re hoping Season 4 does not completely drop the pattern of the previous seasons’ penchant for delicious drama- inexplicably charming characters with lives’ embroiled in sex, lies and even murder, but always remaining grounded in a reality that doesn’t shy from heavy topics of LGBTQ, racial injustice and class differences. 

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