Ghost Of Tsushima Release Date, Gameplay, Camera Angle, Storyline And What’s More


Sony announced that starting June 26, PlayStation 4 users will be able to enjoy the exclusive Ghost of Tsushima, one of the most expected video games of the year. The title, which was developed by the creators of InFamous, will present an action-packed, adventure-filled story that will take place in Japan in 1720, the time of the Mongols’ first invasion.


One of Sony’s secure cards for this year will be Ghost of Tsushima. This exclusive PS4 title will seek to bring players back to the 1720s, during what is known as the first Mongol invasion in Japan. The story will focus on the last Samurai of Tsushima, an island in the middle between Korea and Japan. The protagonist’s mission will be to learn a new fighting style known as the Ghost’s way to repel the invasion and grant freedom to his nation.


In this context, the game will propose an adventure that will take place inside an open world. The game will seek to grant the necessary freedom to explore without too many conditions. In this, you can ride a horse to shorten distances, and the protagonist will have a hook that will help him climb high and complicated surfaces.


However, everything will change depending on the path we choose since there will be other characters that will grant different types of side quests. You can want to face or avoid enemies, and some battles will transform the gameplay to make it more like a duel. Something exciting that can bring a dynamic experience to the game.

One of the main enemies the player will encounter is Khan, the invading Mongol army leader. This character is characterized by being ruthless and cunning since he uses all the knowledge he has about Samurai to destroy them.

Development Of The Game

The studio responsible for the development of Ghost of Tsushima is Sucker Punch Productions, which has worked with Playstation on more than one occasion and has been a part of Sony since 2011. The concept of the title was born in 2014, after the release of inFamous: First Light. The studio set out to make a video game that captured the essence of what a samurai is.

For this, they consulted a wide variety of experts in the history of Japan. They sent teams to record sounds from the rising sun’s land, intending to achieve the most authentic experience possible. This is how they arrived at this moment that marked the beginning of a new tactic by the Samurai and the unification of the different clans that were in the country, all to defeat the Mongols.

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