When Will George R.R Martin Release Games Of Thrones The Winds Of Winter Book, What Are The Fan Theories?


George R R Martin has been the mind behind Game Of Thrones, A Song  Of Ice And Fire book series. While there have been five books out till now where the last came out was A Dance With Dragons. But R R Martin fans are already excited for the next book of the Ice and Fire series which is going to be The Winds Of Winter. So, are we getting the next book of the series soon, The Winds Of Winter?

Well, here’s all you need to know about The Winds Of Winter and its other possibilities to happen.

What’s the Release date of The Winds Of Winter?

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Amid the pandemic outbreak what R R Martin posted and informed all his fans is that he is up to The Winds Of Winter but sadly the completion of it isn’t over yet. Also, he said that he can’t provide us with an exact release date. So we need to see whether The Winds Of Winter does releases in the winter of this year or not.

Storyline of The Winds Of Winter

Although it would be really exciting to know that what comes in the next book of the A Song Of Ice and Fire (The Winds Of Winter) but sadly that’s under wraps but what all we know is that Lady Stoneheart would definitely come in the upcoming book as confirmed by R R Martin himself.

What are the fan theories about The Winds Of Winter?


Fans expect that just like the third and fifth book of A Song Of Ice And Fire which were  A Storm Of Swords and A Dance With Dragons respectively we might have The Winds Of Winter too split in two volumes. Although that hasn’t been confirmed as it will depend on the length of story of The Winds Of Winter.

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