As The Infamous Bachelorette films, Clare Crawley to be Quarantined With 42 Men


For all the fans of the hit series The Bachelorette, we finally have a piece of good news for all you who are eagerly waiting for the next part of the show. The fans were heartbroken when The Bachelorette ended a couple of months ago. And since then, we haven’t got any information about The Bachelorette, although it was pretty much up in the air, there was no confirmation from the makers.

However, sources have now confirmed that The Bachelorette is all set to film another season with Clare Crawley soon!!

Clare Crawley To Quarantine With The Contestants 

The filming for The Bachelorette was to start in March this year. But then the filming was bought to hiatus by the production house because of the coronavirus pandemic. Warner Bros, the television Group, informed their viewers that they have decided to put the productions on hold to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being.

However, on June 26, the sources leaked the news that Clare Crawley and the contestants are to begin filming soon. They all were staying together in a lavish and private resort in Southern California.

The contestants are finalised already by the production. Clare Crawley and all the contestants are going into quarantine together in the resort while they all try to win her heart!

Clare Crawley Increased The Number Of Men Competing For Her Heart In The Bachelorette

As per reports, Clare started the list of contestants with 32 men at first, for the show. But now the numbers have increased to 42. Out of the total, 25 names are from the previously chosen candidates, and Clare added 17 new people to the list. Besides, many contestants from the previous list weren’t available to shoot at this time.

Clare has given herself a variety of men to choose from. The men included competing are from all age groups. Some of them are in their 30s and some in their 40s. Keeping in mind that Clare is 39-year-old, the show has people around her age. But we are sure that some men in their 20s would have loved to give it a shot! Recently, Chris Harrison, in an interview, talked about the upcoming season and added on to our expectations and excitement about the show.

During this time of global pandemic where most of the shows are at the halt, the news about the comeback of The Bachelorette has created a different type of energy and excitement among the fans.

Well, we wish the contestants all the very best!

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