Chrissy Teigen To Delete 1M Twitter Followers Post Receiving hate as a “PEDO”


Chrissy Teigen can’t take it anymore. The cookbook author has made a huge step to slam haters from her life. The ex-supermodel and mother of two have recently come under much media attention. After being accused of being linked to Jeffrey Epstein, a sex offender, Teigen has been getting insane threats.

Chrissy Teigen blocks 1 MILLION people on Twitter as her account is 'flooded by sick psychopaths'. | Daily Mail Online

To maintain her peace and tranquility, Chrissy took a huge step.

Chrissy Deleted 1M Twitter Followers.

Chrissy Teigen sports a huge 13M following on her Twitter account. But recently, she ended up deleting 1M of them, given the nuisance they have been causing in her life.

Chrissy Teigen blocks 1 MILLION people on Twitter as her account is 'flooded by sick psychopaths'. | Daily Mail Online

Chrissy had made it clear that she had no ties with Epstein and that she had never even met the man. But despite her claims, she was being accused of being involved with the sex offender and child trafficker—Teigen, who herself us a mother of two, is struggling with coping with such maddening claims.

Chrissy Branded A Pedophile

Chrissy Teigen was even branded a pedophile by folks on Twitter. Such claims have made Chrissy worry about the welfare of her family. In addition to deleting out 1 million of her followers, the model went on to delete 60, 000 Twitter posts as well. She even said that she is considering leaving Twitter as it is causing her a lot of mental trouble.

Jeffrey Epstein was found guilty of child trafficking, which is said to have started 25 years ago. He had killed himself just before his trial. Chrissy Teigen’s name was associated with him, and it was being said that she helped him in carrying out child trafficking.

These claims are playing havoc in Chrissy’s life. She is recovering from her surgery, and all these allegations are taking a toll on her health. She is unable to take her medication as a result of stress.

Hope things get better for Chrissy Teigen, and this madness ends for her sooner than later.

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