Days Of Our Lives’: Eric & Nichole’s Marriage (LEAKS) With a happy ending


About Eric And Nichole’s Marriage:

We all know that Eric and Nichole are going to be married, but as usual, there are troubles and feelings involved in everyone’s marriage. This time we find Eric in his room that is situated above the pub and sobbing on grandma Caroline’s letter.

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Concurrently his mother Marlena comes home back after her manicure session, and Holly enters along with her. As soon as Marlena is home,  she observes nervousness in Nichole’s face. Marlena has a clear thought that her son could not be any better without Nichole; thus, she sits there to address her problems.

Hallucinating Serum:

Kate is at the interrogation room where Vivian is loading the syringe with serum. Vivian injects the serum into Kate’s body. Kate is thankful to Vivian for the serum when Vivian says her not to be thankful because he was not aware of the serum was the right formula.

Kate is outraged and says, what if it would poison her body and kill her. The concern is quite significant. Vivian asks if Kate can sew the pink elephants in her hallucinations.

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Ballet Of Gwen And Chad:

Drunk Gwen and Chad were having another story when Abigail comes and witnesses how Gwen behaves. They both seem to like each other, and there were complications in Gwen’s relationships. Finally, we could see the bride and bridegroom in the pub taking vows together.

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Eric expresses his love for his new wife and says that he cannot live without Holly and her. Nichole drops a few tears of joy and expresses how she met Eric and that she cannot live without him.

After the confession of love, the both get tied up in the vows of the wedding. At the same time, something is going on between Gwen and Abigail that is complicated.

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