Gigi Hadid reveals long awaited Baby Bump On Instagram Live


Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s pregnancy is probably the most celebrated event over the Internet. All the fans and people rooting for the couple were beyond happy when the news broke out.

Throughout it all, the super-model has kept her fans updated.

Gigi Hadid Took To Instagram Live To Show Her Baby Bump 

Gigi Hadid is pretty active on Instagram. She is using her quarantine period to interact with her 55.1 million followers on Instagram. The last time she went Live, a fan commented that she was four months pregnant, but her belly wasn’t showing. To which she responded that her baby bump is very much there, but it was the jumpsuit that hid it.

Well, many people on the Internet, did not take that well. They bashed her for hiding the belly. The to-be-mommy went live again recently and showed off her baby bump. In the live, she unbuttoned her green-white coloured jumpsuit.

Gigi clarified that it’s not that visible from the front on the camera. But from the side, it very clearly is.

Gigi Hadid Believes That There Are More Important Things Than Her Pregnancy

The 25-year-old during the Live session acknowledged her fans’ concerns about her pregnancy. She said that she believes that there are many more important things right now around her pregnancy.

Apart from that, she wants to spend her pregnancy period with her family and friends. And she wants social media to be used for creating awareness about the Black Lives Matter movement and the ongoing pandemic.

Hadid even expressed her gratitude for all the well wishes and blessings that she has received on social media. Her mother, Yolanda Hadid, shared that the due date is in September. And this has made the fans even more excited.

Well, we wish to-be-parents Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik all the very best!

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