Hailey Baldwin Rated 3 out of 10 On a TikTok video for being mean to the Restaurant-Hostess


Hailey Baldwin got in real trouble and that too publically. A restaurant hostess went on to bash the 23-year-old model on the popular social media platform, TikTok. A restaurant hostess took to TikTok and rated some of the celebrities in Hollywood.

The hostess worked for over 10 months in one of the celebrity hotspots. While working there, she came face to face with many celebrities. But not everyone left her with butterflies in her tummy. She had some rude celebrity encounters too. Hailey Baldwin was one of them.

Hailey Gets Rated 3 Out Of 10

She got rated bad, all thanks to her mean behavior. The hostess had come across Hailey on multiple occasions. And every time she met Hailey, the experience used to leave her with a heavy heart.

So, in an attempt to reminisce about her celebrity encounters, the hostess took to TikTok and rated them all. According to her, Hailey was always tided to her.


But many celebrities made the hostess feel loved. Some of them are the Hadid sisters, Beyonce, Nick Jonas, etc. All these celebrities always approached her with a happy face and warm vibes.

Hailey’s Public Apology For Her Behaviour

Hailey Baldwin went on to publically apologize for her behavior. She went on to the comment section and wrote that she was sorry about this all. Hailey Baldwin said that she didn’t mean to hurt her. She added that she was sorry about the vibes she gave away.

Well, the fact that Hailey went all the way to reflect and apologize for her behavior. I hope the hostess forgives Hailey Baldwin.

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Other celebrities who were rated poorly were Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner. Both the Jenner sisters were accused of being rude by the hostess. This TikTok video is like a peek into Hollywood celebrities.

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