Henry Cavil uses criticism positively to Shine In The Witcher!


Henry Cavil, in the entirety of his career, has indulged in some iconic roles. These roles were so good that the actor ended up getting recognized for these very roles rather than his name.

Take, for example, the role of Superman. Every time Cavil’s face pops on the screen, we end up calling him the Superman. Now, with his latest Netflix success, Henry is on the verge of being known for another iconic character.


Henry Cavil plays the Witcher in the Netflix popular drama The Witcher. The Witcher is an adaptation of a novel. The story of The Witcher revolves around the very Witcher and his conquest. The Witcher has mutated and goes on expeditions to fight demons. The series was appreciated by many, but some people ended up criticizing it a lot.

Henry Cavil Gets Bashed On Reddit!

Recently, Henry Cavil received much criticism for his role in the popular Netflix series, The Witcher. Fans were expecting him to put in more of his acting skills into the character. But they said they were left disappointed after getting an average performance from Cavil.

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The Witcher is a popular game series as well. For those who have been playing this game expect a whole world of drama and action from this series. They were expecting a lot from this character. But a bunch of them got pissed after encountering Henry’s performance in The Witcher. They took to Reddit to bash him.

Henry Handles Criticism Like A Pro!

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The Continent awaits.

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But Henry Cavil showed maturity while handing these criticisms. He went on to say that he would work on his character more. Rather than dissing haters, he took the high road. Now, this is one specialty that not everyone has. He very well channeled all the criticism he got into making himself better at the job in hand. One can’t get down the Witcher indeed.

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