Netflix faced the wrath of Netizens For Removing Derry Girls Season 2 Four Days Post-Release


Derry Girls Season 2 has been removed from Irish Netflix. This happened just four days after the show had made it to Netflix. This has left the fans of the show raging. One can imagine what must have been the situation. There must have been many fans who must have been on the verge of finishing up the season. Imagine their disappointment.

Fans Of Derry Girls Angry With Netflix!

Fans of Derry Girls are extremely angry with Netflix. Many have expressed their anger publically. One of the fans wrote that she was just one episode away from finishing up the series. Well, this is disheartening. In addition to this, many are expressing their disappointment with Derry Girls.

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Who is Keyser SΓΆze? πŸ€”πŸ˜Ž

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Another fan went on to say that what was the need to put down the season after it had already been released? But Netflix does have a strict policy of uploading shows, and it adheres to it strictly too.

Why Did Netflix Remove Derry Girls S2?

One of the spokespersons of Netflix announced on Twitter that they would be taking down Derry Girls Season 2 from the popular streaming service. Netflix believes that the series had dropped in too soon. Netflix has asked the fans of Derry Girls UK to stay calm and wait until they put up the show again for the viewers.

So, for now, no one knows how long it will be before Derry Girls makes us laugh again with their quirky shows. Till then, fans of the show can either binge-watch the first season of the show or catch up on the second season of Derry Girls on other streaming services where it is still running.

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Netflix has notified its viewers that they would let their fans know about Derry Girls S2 as soon as possible.