Netflix Release “Dark Desire” stars Maite Perroni, the actress gets out of her comfort zone to do justice with the character


Maite Perroni, a former Mexican pop singer and now an actress, has many projects lined up for herself. The actress started her acting career in Televisa telenovelas, and since then, she had landed on some very promising roles.

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But formerly, Maite used to stick to her comfort zone while taking up acting projects. Thus time with her latest Netflix release Maite is in for some serious challenges.

Maite Gets Out Of Her Comfort-Zone

Netflix has a new show in store for us all. The show goes by the name “Dark Desire” and does justice to its very name too. Maite Perroni will be breaking her walls by featuring in this latest Netflix flick of hers. Lately, the actress has gotten into doing short and crisp roles for online streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc.

While describing her role in Dark Desire, Maite said that this is one of the best projects that she has worked on till now. She said that with Dark Desire, she has come out of her comfort zone. Maite is excited about this project, given the fact that Dark Desire is Mexican. Thus, she will be able to express herself more profoundly in it.

All About Dark Desire

Dark Desire has an amalgamation of various concepts in it. It has a blend of love, betrayal, murder, mystery, thrill, and suspense in it. The episodes of Dark Series are perfectly timed such that it keeps the mystery alive after every episode of it.

Maite will be getting worldwide visibility after this show as it is being streamed on Netflix. In the show, Maite plays the role of an attorney and a college professor whose husband ends up cheating on her. As a result, she ends up falling in love with a much younger guy. After this, a whole world of problems arises for her.

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