Netflix’s ‘Fatal Affair’ will get you hooked with all the adult drama of the “Grown Ups”


Netflix is dropping a wonder packaged film that will keep you hooked to it. The film goes by the name Fatal Affair. The very name of the film is a clear indication of the very theme of adultery. There is too much of drama going around the very concept of infidelity in this Netflix flick.

Well, to be honest, this concept is nothing new or out of the blue. People have been so obsessed with this theme ever since films came into conception. So, lovers of drama, betrayal and cheating can celebrate nostalgia with Fatal Affair on Netflix.

All About Fatal Affair

There are those typical films in which a happy and content family turns upside down by the augmentation of someone breathtaking. Well, Fatal Love is all about it. Ellie and Marcus have been married for some time now.

But things have not been going as expected for them. Their marriage was turning upside down. But the moment they managed to patch things up between them, the devil arrived. The devil here just charmed Ellie with his annoying smile and things turned south for the married couple.

David, the one who changes Ellie’s life, is not at all a sober person. Ellie and David have had a romantic past and bumping into one another after a long time brings back those memories. But Ellie does not go far with these urges and pulls back just in time. But David has no plans of holding back.

Fatal Affair, An Exhilarating Watch

If you don’t have any plans for this weekend, then go on and bust those quarantine blues by sipping a cup of coffee with Fatal Affair playing on your screens.

The film does get predictable after a point. But let’s face it, films of this genre are like the greatest guilty pleasures ever.

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