Netflix’s Fatal Affair will set viewer’s mind in psyche! Nia Long And Omar Epps Back Onscreen


It is safe to say that Netflix is one FIRE! and has just released another movie, Fatal Affair, and we know it’s going to be out next obsession. It is a psychological drama, and it is playing with the psyche of its viewers.

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Netflix’s Fatal Affair Stars Nia Long And Omar Epps For The THIRD Time Onscreen

Pete Sullivan directs the movie, Fatal Affair. It has a strong star cast that includes Nia Long, Omar Epps, KJ Smith, and many more. And this movie also marks the third time when Long and Epps are seen sharing screens.

Long and Epps were previously seen together onscreen back in 2004 in Alfie. And then in 1999 in the movie In Too Deep.

Fatal Affair Grabs Viewers Psyche With Cat & Mouse Games

In the trailer released, we see that Ellie and Marcus just get settled in their new place. And Ellie asks Marcus if it was a mistake to leave the city so abruptly. But Marcus assures her that they did the right thing.

Then the scene cuts to Epps (David) as he meets Ellie at her workplace. And at that moment, we know that there is more to them than just workmates. She tells Epps that her life has turned upside-down since the last time they saw each other, 20 years back.

Ellie tells him that she has everything she has ever wanted, but the person she wakes up to feels like a stranger. As we move forward, we see that they both have chemistry between the two.

Fatal Affair Was Reportedly Written For White Cast 

In an interview, Nia revealed that the movie, Fatal Affair was initially written for a white cast. But seeing the situation of changing scenarios of the Black Community, they needed to make changes within the script.

Long further added that Netflix supported the decision, and changes were made accordingly.

Fatal Affair is available to watch on Netflix.

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