Scared Of 2% Netizen Support Kanye West Decides To BACK OUT Of US President Elections 2020


Recently, Rapper Kanye West took the world by surprise after he announced that he was running for President 2020. Many fans were happy with the decision. But many dissed him, saying that his bipolar disorder might cloud his judgment. Some even called him ‘similar’ to the current President, Donald Trump.

Well, some reports suggest that Kanye might not be going forward with the decision he made!

Kanye West To Take A Step Back From President 2020 Elections?

As per the latest reports, a team member, Steve Kramer, from Kanye’s Presidential campaign, said that he is reconsidering his decision to run for President 2020. Although he didn’t give any explanation as to why Kanye he is backing off.

Kramer ensured that he answer all the questions regarding Kanye’s decision once everything else is canceled out too. He was later asked about his take on Kanye’s decision. To which he responded that he doesn’t have any beef against him. And voting is everyone’s personal decision.

He added that running for President is a tough decision. He also confirmed that he and a team of over 180 people were working on the campaign in Florida. And Kanye decided to call it all off.

Kanye West Ain’t Got No Votes For President 2020

On Tuesday, the results for US Presidential polls were declared. And everyone was shocked to know that Kanye got only 2% of the total votes. Some people are speculating that the reason why Kanye is backing out is because of the lack of support.

Kanye West Withdrew His Support To President Donald Trump

West has been known to be a strong ally of Donald Trump. And many times, West has even referred to him as ‘hero.’ However, things changed since then. In a recent interview, West withdrew his support to Donald Trump.

The ‘Jesus Is King’ singer revealed that he was running as an independent campaign. He even named his party, “The Birthday Party.”

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