Stranger Things accused of stealing its story-line now framed in Copyright Infringement Lawsuit


Well, this is not the first time that Stranger Things has been accused of stealing its story and content. Both Netflix and creators of Stranger Things, the Duffer Brothers, have been sued by Irish Rober Entertainment. Mr. Kennedy claims that his storyline was copied from his screenplay named Totem and was used to design Stranger Things.

In the lawsuit, the stark similarities between the story of Totem and Stranger things have been highlighted.

Similarities Between Totem And Stranger Things

Totem is a screenplay written by Jeffrey Kennedy. It imbibes a plot, sequence, dialogues, and scenes, including “plot, sequence, characters, theme, and even concept art. It is being said that Kennedy and a man named Aaron Sims were working on Totem. Then Aaron was hired to design the concept art for Stranger Things, and he put the concept art of Totem in it.

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In the lawsuit, Kennedy says that he had developed Totem after losing his friend, who used to have epileptic shocks. He used to talk about a supernatural world and being attacked by demons. In Totem, there exists a girl who took her friends to a portal, which leads to the other world where the demon resides.

In Stranger Things, we have Eleven who takes her friends to a portal where they fight the demon of that universe, i.e., the shadow demon. Kennedy has highlighted such stark similarities.

Netflix Disses Copyright Infringement Claims

Netflix went on to diss all these claims. It said that Mr. Kennedy has no right to call Stranger Things a copy of his unpublished work. The Duffer brothers have not at all copied anything from anywhere, and Stranger Things is a result of their combined hard work.

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Well, let us hope Duffer brothers do not get into trouble any further.

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