Twitteratis Bash Demi Moore For SUCKY Bathroom Decor CHOICES


Demi Moore has recently been in the news for some secret revelations of her married life with Ashton Kutcher. Her memoir ‘Inside Out’ is released, and so far, it has been pretty controversial.

And she is back in the news again. But this time, her fans are bashing her and her choice of the bathroom!

Demi Moore Makes Headlines With SUCKY Bathroom Decor 

Demi Moore recently took to Instagram to share the Behind-The-Scenes of her podcast recording amidst the pandemic. She is starting a new podcast titled ‘Dirty Diana”. She was recording the podcast in her bathroom.

Well, when she posted the pictures, she expected her 1.9 million followers on Instagram to be excited about her new podcast. But the unexpected happened.

While some of her fans were excited about the podcast, but many concentrated on the decor of her bathroom. They commented on her pictures and even posted on Twitter about the wrong choices of the bathroom that Moore has made.

In the picture, we can see that Moore is sitting on a floral sofa inside her bathroom. Behind her are a wooden semi-circular sink and a half-made brick wall. In the second picture, we can see a glimpse of her bathtub made of white tiles. And right next to the bathtub, we can see legs from what looks like an armor!

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