Netflix ‘Cursed’ inspired by Arthur Legend With Strong Female Supporting Characters As Lead


Netflix has been very experimental with its series lately. And the new series, Cursed, is one of them. When a novel is being adapted into a television series, it is a tough call. And the same happened with the novel, Cursed. The novel talks about a different plot where the female characters of the Arthurian legend are the ones used to create a heavy plot.

And that’s exactly the new Netflix-series, Cursed is all about.

Netflix Series Cursed Portrays Side Female Characters In The O.G PlotĀ 

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the legend begins with her.

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The series Cursed, starring Katherine Langford, famously known for her role as Hanna in ’13 Reasons Why’ shows her magically tragic story. In the series, Katherine plays the role of Nimue, a.k.a, the Lady Of The Lake.

Nimue is Merlin’s lover. And she receives a magical sword from her adoptive mother. Her village is killed and assaulted. She’s been told to take the sword to her lover, Merlin.

As she moves ahead to deliver the sword, her journey takes a tough route. On the way, she meets Arthur, who was initially thought to be the ally. But eventually, he came out to be the bearer of danger along with Red Paladins.

Will Nimue Escape The Dark Magic Within?

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reaching your destiny is a journey

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Throughout her journey, Nimue realizes that there is much more to her than she had ever known. In her childhood itself, she was marked by the Dark magic and cursed to live with it for the rest of her life. And it will eventually take her all in.

But Nimue is strongly desired and determined to change her fate. She wants to do right and help people.

The series is filled with tons of grotesque violence. We get an obvious sight of mutilations and blood splashing from cutthroats. And there is back and forth with the timelines as well. But it keeps the viewers engaged.

Well, so far, there is only one season. It doesn’t cut through the genre of magic and supernatural. The series has the upper hand is because of the revisits to the Arthur Legend and centuries of an oppressive era.

We are hoping that things would get better in seasons coming ahead.

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