Famous Rapper Drake Spotted at Barbados Beach Soaking in Sun with Plenty of Eyes Moving at Him


When it comes to having a vacation around a beach this year, all we can do is lie down our beds, cover our faces and weep, cause its 2020!!! But, looks like the Hotline Bling, singer Drake won’t let the year stop him from having the perfect vacation.

Recently, Drake had a mini-vacation in Barbados. Where people saw the iconic singer scaling the lengths of a beach in Barbados. Well, he needed a vacation, given all the isolation that he went through. But as the current COVID-19 pandemic is worsening every hour, the singer all out in the open without a mask turned several eyes towards himself.

He was freely walking on the beach without any regrets. He was soaking wet in the sun and its heat. It looks like Drake had an excellent trip to Barbados.

Drake Showing Off His Shirtless Avatar

Drake was slaying on the beach, wearing brown shorts. The shorts were the only piece of clothing on his body (no complaints). The rapper showed off his perfect shape and ripped body while walking on the beach. Fans also spotted a camera crew walking along with him. It looks like he was shooting for a song in Barbados.

Is it a sign of a new treat to your ears? We’ll you’ll find out soon.

The singer had indeed posted some good snaps on his Instagram handle after this encounter. The carefree look on Drake’s face amidst the pandemic without any protective gear raised many eyebrows. Well, it is irresponsible of him looking at the state of the pandemic in the US and around the world. But again, looking at him having such a wonderful time on the beach does bring some positivity to our aching souls.

Drake Shows Off His Tattoos

A shirtless Drake is a treat for tattoo lovers. While he scales along the beach half-naked, the Canadian rapper’s tattoos were on full display. The beautiful bird on his chest and the various caves on his back made just the perfect combination of the little evil and much beauty of the world.

Drake turned many eyes towards him while walking on the beach. The rapper also hit the local basketball court and clicked pictures with his local fans.
This must-have been a treat for both Drake and his fans in Barbados. He got his breath of fresh by visiting Barbados, and his fans got a chance to catch his glimpse while doing so.
Let’s hope this vacation also turns out to be a shoot for a new music treat for the fans and the charts.

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